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English Language Teaching in L2 Contexts: A Written Discourse Analysis Approach


Tunde Opeibi, Department of English, University of Lagos


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Psychotherapy, Poetry, Yoruba Folklore, Orin Aremo.


Over the years, research in language teaching and learning has engaged the attention of several scholars. Several methods that include audiolingualism, communicative teaching have been adopted in language learning and teaching especially in L2 contexts. However, it has been discovered that many of these methods have not been able to adequately equip learners with strategies to handle extended structure of sentences (text). In this paper, the author examines Written Discourse Analysis as an alternative method of language teaching in order to address some of the present challenges of teaching comprehension and analysis of extended texts in L2 classrooms. He argues that Written Discourse Analysis (WDA) (in e.g. McCarthy, 1993; Coulthard, 1994) enables learners to understand how to successfully handle any piece of language that will help learners to use the target language to perform different tasks. He then demonstrates the approach by analysing a text and gives practical suggestions on its implementation.


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