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Language Switch and Cognitive Dissonance: The Example of Yoruba-English Bilinguals


Robbin Anjola, Department of Mass Communication, Lead City University, Ibadan.


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Multilingual, Language Switch, Bilingual, Dissonance, Codes.


A bilingual is naturally first exposed to the culture of his native language or mother tongue before other languages and cultures. The thoughts and worldview of the bilingual are thus encoded in his MT or NL (mother tongue or native language), he finds himself, now and then, in a situation that requires him to communicate his thoughts as accurately as possible, based on his proficiency in the languages in his speech repertoire. This research has grown from an interest in how, why and when the use of more than one language takes place in a bilingual’s conversation, to how the dissonance between the cognition of the bilingual’s two languages necessitates switches during his performance and how it (dissonance) is reflected in the speech of the bilingual whenever he uses the second language.


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