Ife Studies in English Language - Abstract


A Sociolinguistic Answer to Nigeria's National Language Question


ABOLAJI S. MUSTAPHA PHD, Department of English, Lagos State University, Ojoo, Lagos


© Ife Studies in English Language Vol. 8(1) 2010, pp. 61-75




National language, Sociolinguistics, Multilingual Societies, Lingual Franca
Language Policy, Wazobia, Minority Language


This paper addresses the question of the choice of a national language in Nigeria. Its first section reviews some of the positions or proposals of some scholars who have attempted answers to the question. However, because the submissions made thus far are yet to provide an appropriate candidate to be adopted as the national language, the second main part of this paper proposes a way out – a sociolingustic answer that might break the deadlock. The writer of this paper argues that this answer accommodates not only the interests of the diverging stakeholders but also the peculiar multi-ethnoglinguistic realities on ground. It is anticipated that this sociolinguistic answer might go a long way to foster national integration, unity, and development.


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