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Cohesion and Coherence in Editors' Comments in Tell Magazines


Kolawole Olaniyan


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This paper analyses cohesion and coherence in editors’ comments in the Tell magazine. The study is motivated by the need to determine the linguistic devices that enhance cohesion and coherence in the comments and how these combine to achieve meaningful discourse.
For data, editors’ comments are sampled in Tell magazines between July 2000 and July 2004. The data are analyzed using Halliday and Hasan’s (1976) theory of cohesion and coherence in discourse.
The study observes that editors’ comments are etched by meaning dependent, and issue-sensitive cohesive and coherent devices, which aid readers’ understanding of the comments, strengthen the editors’ messages and delineate stylistic peculiarities. The paper discusses the implications of the devices to readers of Tell Magazine. It concludes that a study of cohesion and coherence in editors’ comments illuminates the discourse value of cohesive ties and provides material for discourse pedagogy. Also, the paper promises a better understanding for readers of editors’ comments, thus having the advantage of developing critical-minded readers, who will sieve policies and events with a more balanced stance.


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