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The Sociolinguistics of Nigerian Pidgin English in Selected University Campuses in Nigeria


M.S. Abdullahi-Idiagbon(PhD), Department of English University of Ilorin


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Pidgin, Nigerian Pidgin English, literacy level, variants


Nigerian Pidgin evolved as a result of language contact with the British colonialists whose date preceded the emergence of universities in Nigeria. It was absolutely, at that time, a linguistic index of the lower class. However, over the years, the language has changed in status considering its speakership and new functions .This paper investigated varieties of the Nigerian Pidgin with special focus on the variety being used on the Nigerian university campuses Questionnaires were administered on selected students on six universities cutting across the six-geo-political zones in Nigeria. It was discovered that even the Nigerian Pidgin
spoken by undergraduates vary and each variation is characterised by the mixture of slangy expressions and/or is code-mixed with lexical items from the indigenous languages. The paper concluded by foregrounding the positive contributions of the Nigerian undergraduates to the status, structure as well as attitudes of people towards the Nigerian Pidgin.


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