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The ICE Nigeria Corpus as a Data Base for Nigerian English Studies


Wale Adegbite, Department of English, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria


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Nigerian English, Corpus Linguistics, ICE Nigeria


The author of this study describes the International Corpus of English (ICE), Nigeria corpus as a useful source of data for research in Nigerian English studies. Explaining the corpus as a part of the world ICE project, he presents the principles and describes the functions of some of the tools and their application to analyses of data from both Nigerian English and World Englishes.  The AntConc software tools presented include the Concordance, Concordance Plot, File View, Clusters (N-Grams), Collocates, Word List and Keyword List;  and some menu options such as File, Global settings and Tool Preferences. Preliminary studies on the ICE Nigeria include “Errors of English usage by two generations, older and younger users of educated Nigerian English”, “Relative clauses in four varieties of English (ICE Jamaica, ICE Philippines, ICE Singapore and ICE Nigeria)” and “Usage of progressives in ICE Nigeria and ICE GB”. The ICE Nigeria corpus thus provides a useful data base for studies on English usage by educated Nigerian speakers.

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