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Poetry as Psychotherapy: The Example of Orin Aremo in Yoruba Folklore


Oluwole Coker, Department of English, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria


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Psychotherapy, Poetry, Yoruba Folklore, Orin Aremo.


There are several studies on the relationship between folklore and healthcare practice in the culture of Yoruba people. This study however argues that the contemporary Yoruba society continues to utilize these traditional art forms in medical practice. With specific reference to Yoruba oral sub-genre, Orin Aremo, (‘baby rocking song’) which is deeply rooted in   Yoruba culture, this study draws an interdisciplinary link between orthodox pediatric medicine and indigenous epistemology. The paper observes that, despite the absence of an empirical basis for its efficacy, contemporary Yoruba society still appropriates the art form. This therefore goes a long way to show that, indigenous folk culture remains as potent as ever in the affairs of humanity irrespective of the stages or advances of civilization. As exemplified by Orin Aremo, indigenous verbal and artistic resources remain vibrant and are of immense socio-economic and artistic value.



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